Issue 10 and Volume 159.

BY BRIAN MOLENAAR AND CHRIS DENNIS The curriculum for new pump operators in Wisconsin requires students to spend considerable time developing pumping skills for the practical skills evaluation in addition to the classroom instruction. As in most volunteer fire departments, it is sometimes difficult to gather the necessary personnel to operate handlines to simulate fireground pumping conditions. To address this situation, we developed a device for simulating pumping conditions that requires only two firefighters. The pumping simulator is a U-shaped device that is attached to the hose at one end; the other end is submerged in a folding tank. One end of the U-shaped device attaches at a 90° angle to the hoseline. At the other side of the “U,” a one-foot length of pipe is attached at a 90° degree angle and terminates in a T-shaped discharge (photos, 1, 2). 1 Click here to enlarge image   2 Click…

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