Apparatus Showcase

Issue 10 and Volume 159.

Click here to enlarge image NO SMOKE 2007 is an exciting new product improvement and enhancement by Ward Diesel Filter Systems. The new high-performance substrate with proprietary wash coat removes gaseous matter on 2007 model engines. It’s designed for new diesel exhaust temperatures and far exceeds any temperatures seen on board mobile diesel engines. 2007 model engines address emissions for the environment. NO SMOKE 2007 provides the clean air you need in the firehouse within the enclosed structure for an important health and safety upgrade. (800) 845-4665. Web site: 400 at Click here to enlarge image The new HYDRAULIC FULL LIFT-UP STAIRCASE is an exclusive feature offered only by Rescue 1. Our rear walk-up has been designed to raise and lower hydraulically for easy access to the long storage compartment under the stairs. This storage area can be used for trench rescue equipment, timber, ladders, long equipment, and…

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