Ladders, Lights, Knots, and Nozzles

Issue 10 and Volume 159.

BY STUART GRANT AND LES STEPHENS Below are some truck and engine company tricks that can make the job a little safer or at least easier. LADDERS AT WINDOWS In venting a window, we have been taught to completely clear the window frame of all materials to get rid of any obstructions-glass, mullions-that might impede ventilation, rescue efforts, or firefighter egress through that window. We suggest just a little adjustment to this technique for windows at the second floor or higher. When taking the window out on these floors, leave the cross bar or sash in place across the middle of the window if a ladder is not at that window. Most of the time, the ladder will be set for a rescue (i.e., below the windowsill) and will not be visible from the inside. If there is a ladder set to that window, clear out the entire window. This…

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