Issue 11 and Volume 159.

BY LAUREN BOND Last year’s disastrous hurricane season produced numerous heart-tugging images and reports of pets that were abandoned, waiting for rescue, or worse. For years, the animal welfare community has been painfully aware that animals are impacted just as much as their human counterparts when disaster strikes. One of the important lessons from Katrina, Rita, and the other storms and natural disasters of 2005 is that first responders need to care about the animals in our districts as well as the people. The fire service has a long history with animals. From the horse-drawn pumpers to the Dalmatians that remain our mascot, we always have had a special link to our four-legged friends. However, there has been a recent need for the first response community to pay closer attention to the animals in our first dues. MORE THAN HALF THE DWELLINGS IN YOUR DISTRICT ARE HOME TO PETS AS…

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