Issue 11 and Volume 159.

BY DAVE GILLESPIE After asking officials for weeks, we received permission in a brief, 15-minute meeting, with the following condition, “Okay, you can use King Edward School, but you can’t damage it or burn it!” We had just received approval to use the vacant, 100-year-old elementary school in our inner city for firefighter training (photo 1). (1) Photos by author unless otherwise noted. Click here to enlarge image What training can you do with an old elementary school built in 1907 that you are not allowed to damage? The answer: Everything! We designed dozens of firefighter skill scenarios in an historic structure and left it with minimal damage. The Peterborough Fire Department (PFD) serves a city of 74,000 and is located 100 miles northeast of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The PFD has 80 career firefighters and 19 support staff (including one training officer). Like many small to mid-sized departments, the PFD…

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