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Nomination deadline set for NVFC award

Nominations for the NVFC Fire Prevention Award are due January 15. The award, sponsored by First Alert, annually honors a volunteer firefighter whose outstanding achievements in the fire service and community exemplify the philosophy of fire prevention.

The award was established in the memory of volunteer firefighter Marc Mueller, who energetically promoted the causes of volunteer firefighters and supported all efforts to evaluate the volunteer program to its highest level. He dedicated much of his life to public service and made major strides to bring prestige, credibility, and recognition to volunteer firefighters nationwide.

Nominees must meet a majority of the following criteria:

  • Nominees must have made a major contribution or have played a key role in a significant accomplishment in the field of fire prevention.

  • Nominees must have demonstrated superior efforts in establishing goals for the protection of the public through a continuous promulgation and/or enforcement of outstanding fire prevention, fire protection, or life safety programs in their communities.

  • Nominees may have developed or enforced a specific piece of legislation resulting in increased fire safety.

  • Nominees may have developed or taught a specific program resulting in public awareness of the need for a fire-safe environment.

  • Nominees may have investigated, arrested, or supervised an enforcement effort which led to the conviction of a Penal or Fire Code violator.

To nominate an individual for the NVFC Fire Prevention Award, submit a nomination packet including:

  • nomination form (available at

  • a background sheet/resume containing an overview of the individual’s experience, education, and other pertinent information

  • letters of recommendation supporting the nominee

Email submissions to [email protected] or mail to:

Fire Prevention Award
1050 17th Street, NW, Suite 490
Washington, DC 20036