Issue 12 and Volume 159.

BY WENDY C. NORRIS AND ED STAUFFER The fire chaplain has recently been more recognized in the fire service because of the heroism displayed by Fire Department of New York (FDNY) Chaplain Father Mychal Judge. He was praying over a deceased victim inside the World Trade Center (WTC) when he was killed by falling debris. Subsequent and now infamous pictures of his body being carried out of the WTC on a chair by soot-covered emergency workers launched an interest in this man and his work as a fire chaplain. Ironically, he was officially listed as the very first death from the 9/11 attacks. It was often overheard on the damp and dreary streets of Manhattan following the attacks that he went first so that he could lead the others to heaven. Even in death, the chaplain is still looked on as a source of comfort and guidance. In the aftermath…

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