Fire Prevention & Protection, Firefighter Training


Issue 1 and Volume 160.

BY TOM KIURSKI Years ago, I developed a fresh approach to the “Passport to Safety” originated by Marsha Giesler from the Downers Grove (IL) Fire Department. I took the idea, added some of my own touches, and helped to create a similar event that has been presented by Livonia (MI) Fire & Rescue for several years. Many others have contacted Giesler and told her how they also had tailored the event to their community (see “Passport to Safety: A Tale of Two Cities,” Fire Engineering, January 2003). Because of budget cuts, however, we discontinued our program in Livonia. Although the concept was a great one, it remained dormant for a time. Now, sponsored by a much larger group, it has recently taken on new life and is a gem of safety education in our community. PASSPORT RENEWED The Livonia “Passport to Safety” was reborn in 2004. Our local police department,…

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