Fire EMS


Issue 1 and Volume 160.

BY STEVE PRZIBOROWSKI When does scene size-up begin-when you arrive at the incident scene, when you get the call to respond to the incident, or when preplanning your response area? Regardless of when you think size-up begins, the reasons for sizing up follow: to ensure a safe scene for emergency responders, to determine the appropriate number of resources needed to mitigate the incident, to determine the severity of the incident, and to determine the strategy and tactics needed to mitigate the incident. I first heard of “ENAMES” when I was attending the EMT program at Chabot College in Hayward, California, in the early 1990s. Our primary instructor, JoAnn Berven, introduced the acronym to us. Because it was so relevant and appropriate, I have used it religiously since I succeeded her as head of the EMT program. ENAMES helps to ensure an adequate and appropriate size-up: Environmental Dangers What associated hazards…

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