Dunn’s Dispatch

Do you know where to stretch the first line at a content fire in a house or apartment? For a room and/or content fire in a house or apartment, firefighters stretch the first attack hoseline through a front, rear or side doorway and the fire is extinguished. The hose stream nozzle is positioned and used to drive heat, flame and smoke from inside to outside through a vented window or door or through an opening created by “outside vent firefighters.”

The first attack hoseline stream is usually not directed into a flaming window. One of the advantages of advancing the first attack hoseline through a door rather than directing it through a window is that unconscious, trapped victims are often found inside the door or in the hallway leading from the door to the fire. An analysis of the numbers of fire victims trapped and killed in burning buildings revealed most fire victims are discovered near the fire area. The next most likely location in which fire victims are discovered is in the hallways or corridors leading to an exit; these victims were trying to escape the flames and were rendered unconscious by smoke, heat or toxic gases in the path to the door. Firefighters advancing the first attack line through a doorway often come across these victims on the way to extinguishing the fire.

For more information go to and Google hose stretching.