By Forest Reeder

Standpipe operations often involve some of the most complex operations for a fire department. Intricate hose lead-outs, proper hydraulics and work inside a stairway all require discipline and coordinated operations. Review your department’s SOGs on high-rise pack and standpipe operations. Don’t forget that many large commercial occupancies also have standpipes. They can be viewed as high-rise buildings laid horizontal.

Locating the interior standpipe connection can be hazardous and difficult in these situations. The main difference in these operations include having to hook-up in non-protected areas deep on the interior of the building. A high-rise structure may offer protection in the stairwell, whereas the commercial structure will not afford this luxury.

The hydraulics required to complete this operation include the calculation of the friction loss in the attack line, the standpipe riser, the siamese, and the supply line(s) from the siamese to the pumper. Review your department standards for completing these calculations.

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