Engine Company

Actions of First-In Officer

Issue 3 and Volume 160.

Question: In your department, what are the actions of the first-in officer at a fire? What should the officer do? Where should he be? Things aren’t what they used to be in the fire service. (Picture an overweight, smoke-wrinkled old fire officer!) “When I came on, son, officers were officers! They went in with their crew and did what had to be done! No standing outside with a radio in your ear. Just get in and get-er-done!” When I came on the job, officers always participated with their crew-even if they were the first on the scene. Size-ups were given, and then the crew (the entire crew) went in and did something. Then, slowly, like a reverse sun rising (from west to east), this incident command thing came along and changed the face of fireground operations. Gone were the days of the first-in officer’s participating with his crew. Gone were…

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