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NFA Alumni Association Passes 19,000 Members

The National Fire Academy Alumni Association (NFAAA) has surpassed the 19,000 member mark as of March 1, 2007. The NFAAA was formed in 1998 through the suggestion of and implementation by Mr. Bill Manning, former editor of Fire Engineering Magazine. With the continued assistance of Pennwell Publishing, a grant from Cresleigh Bankcorp of Indiana, and the continued financial support of Thomson-Delmar Publishers, the NFAAA has grown exponentially from its initial 4,400 members the first year.

“We’ve done some terrific things, such as purchasing AED’s and computers for the campus, offer scholarships for first-time volunteer attendees, and assist at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend every year. We’ve also had lengthy discussions in the halls of our Nation’s Capitol, supporting the National Fire Academy (NFA), the U. S. Fire Administration, FEMA, and their related programs,” said Chief Ron Kanterman, NFAAA Administrator. “Our Board of Directors are spread across the nation and aligned with the 10 FEMA Regions so we can work closely with our Federal partners. With today’s technology, we communicate regularly on the issues at hand. We also have the ability to e-mail our members at a moment’s notice and provide vital information regarding the NFA, its programs and the like.” Membership is free. Anyone who has taken an NFA course on-line, while on campus, or through local delivery is eligible for membership. Log on to NFAALUMNI.org to join now.

The Mission Statement of the National Fire Academy Alumni Association:
To increase fire service educational opportunities through support of the NFA, the U.S. Fire Administration and the Department of Homeland Security as accomplished through timely informational change and membership involvement.
To provide a clearinghouse for fire service educational opportunities and exchange of ideas.
To improve firefighter safety and effectiveness through enhanced fire service training and education.