Higher Education = Better Skills, Better Future

Issue 4 and Volume 160.

Why on earth would the average “hose-pulling grunt” need a college education? Many line firefighters ask themselves this with a disbelieving smile on their faces. Let’s review some of the obvious reasons. Changing Technology More and more, fire protection systems are controlled by computers and complicated control systems. Fire protection systems are not just limited to commercial and industrial structures; they are now installed in private residences, giving the average firefighter more and more opportunity to face a Windows®-based program panel when responding to a single-family structure alarm. Line personnel need a more in-depth knowledge of building construction and fire hazard planning. Such knowledge helps a firefighter perform his job not only more effectively but also more safely. Different construction materials burn at different rates and temperatures; some structure designs are stronger than others, and each behaves differently under a fire or water load. If you are a line firefighter…

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