Who Wants To Go Home?

Issue 4 and Volume 160.

I learned a phrase from a captain after we extinguished a working structure fire and were going back to the station. He would always say, “Good job, boys-the fire went out and no one got hurt.” This saying has been passed down in my department over the years-you’ll still hear it today when crews return from a structure fire. We all want to go home to our families after the shift, and we all seem to have different ideas of how to keep on doing that. WHAT MAKES A “SAFE” FIREFIGHTER? Over the past month or so, I’ve been putting firefighters and company and training officers on the spot by asking them a simple question, “What makes a safe firefighter?” From the answers I have received, I realize that we have some very different perceptions of what makes a safe firefighter. Most of the chiefs and training officers responded that…

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