Firefighter Survival: SCBA Air Confidence Drill

Issue 4 and Volume 160.

An officer and a firefighter on a handline enter a structure fire and begin extinguishment when without warning the floor gives way and they fall into the basement. A Mayday is transmitted, and a firefighter assist search team (FAST) is quickly deployed. Mutual aid, or additional alarms, is dispatched as operations now focus on assisting the FAST by controlling the fire and getting the trapped firefighters removed to safety. The problem is compounded as rescue crews have a difficult time gaining access to the trapped firefighters. The area around the opening is unstable. Stairs are burned away or cannot easily be found. Self-rescue is also a problem because of injuries or a confusing layout. Low-air alarms on the trapped firefighters begin to sound as the rescue operation continues. Most firefighters have read or heard or may even have been involved in a situation like this. A firefighter is trapped, needs…

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