The “Information into Intelligence” Routine, Part 2

Issue 4 and Volume 160.

Last month, in Part 1, we described the converting “information into intelligence” process. Here, we look at how one “master” handled this “conversion” on the fireground. As a young firefighter, I was honored to work for a company officer (captain) who was the 1959 Phoenix Fire Department version of Tom Brennan. He was a smart, tough, very experienced, cool-headed (somewhat stoic) former Marine. We were a very busy (responded on all working fires in the city) downtown, six-firefighter(!) squad company. The captain was basically a quiet guy who didn’t say much. His body language was always the same-completely under control and calm. On the fireground, he tended to gesture rather than speak. When we arrived at a fire, the team had a standard routine. We got off the rig and looked at him. If he moved his head toward the fire (about 1/64 inch), we would attack the fire with…

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