Firefighting, Leadership

Actions of the Chief Officer

Issue 4 and Volume 160.

Question: Once the chief arrives, some departments want him to take command from his vehicle. Other departments want him in front of the building; still others want him inside the fire building. Does your department have a policy that stipulates the location from which the chief officer should operate? Is it working? Why? Last month’s Roundtable dealt with the actions of the first-in officer at a structure fire. In essence, should he participate with the crew or remain outside, directing the fire? This month’s question takes us to the next level (so to speak) and looks at the point from which the chief officer (or incident commander) should begin managing the fire. As with many things in the fire service, the answer to the question depends on several factors that center mostly around tradition and necessity. What works in New York City works in New York City for obvious reasons,…

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