Seat Belts Carry the Load and Keep Hands Free

Issue 5 and Volume 160.

For firefighters to be effective on the fireground, we must rely on the tools of our trade. These tricks are just some of the many examples of how today’s firefighters are always pushing ahead to make things better. Before using any of these suggestions, make sure they are approved by your department’s administration. Run them by your officer; discuss them around the kitchen table. Remember that modifying tools or using them for a purpose for which they were not designed can void the warranty and may expose you to injury. Seat belts make great carrying straps for a variety of items: step chocks, cribbing, saws, hose packs, pressurized water extinguishers, hand lights, and more. Although readily available from any junked car, if possible, get them off an old school bus. This way you’ll have a good number of belts that use the same type of connector. If you get belts…

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