Tech Zone

Virtual Fire Command Technology Tests

Issue 5 and Volume 160.

Virtual command technology provides firefighters a virtual presence within an affected building. A facility so equipped has security and fire sensors integrated directly to fire department dispatch and operations centers. Every responding entity is notified simultaneously, eliminating time-consuming rerouting. Photo courtesy of NetTalon. Click here to enlarge image Emergency notification reaches the fire responders directly; in seconds they can view the inside of the building, virtually “looking at” the emergency. The alarm control panel in such a building has a database containing all floor plans with icons representing sensors. In a fire emergency, sensor conditions are updated every second by changing their color, from green (“not in alarm”), to orange (“early warning”), to red (“alarm”). The color change shows the nature of the developing emergency. Facilities equipped with this technology are directly networked to police and fire dispatch centers, for immediate notification and visual emergency validation, and are also networked…

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