Personal Safety System and Harness Offer Firefighters a Safe Exit

Issue 5 and Volume 160.

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) and Petzl developed the Petzl EXO Personal Safety System (PSS) to provide firefighters with a means for safely exiting a hostile environment in a burning structure. However, users must consider bunker gear concerns, harness requirements, and training issues regarding the device’s proper attachment and deployment. This system is designed to be worn on the outside of the firefighter’s protective pants and under the turnout coat for easy access, for rapid deployment, and to protect the system from the fire atmosphere. Harness. The Gemtor 541-NYC is the third-generation Class II harness that FDNY currently issues to all members. Several changes have been made to it to incorporate the Petzl system while also allowing the use of the pompier hook independently of the PSS. A solid aluminum pompier hook with a triple-action self-locking gate on the hook has replaced the older solid-steel hook. The pompier…

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