The Driver/Engineer

Issue 6 and Volume 160.

How many times have you heard the driver/engineer position referred to as “boring” or “away from the action”? Unfortunately, I have heard this way too many times. When I ask firefighters if they are going to enter the promotional process for driver/engineer, I often get that all too familiar response: “That position is too boring. I want to stay where the action is.” I have also witnessed driver/engineers standing at their pump panels at working fires looking as if they had lost their best friend. If you are a driver/engineer or wish to be one during your career and think that this position is a drudgery every firefighter must endure on the way up the ladder, I can offer you a different view of the job. The duties of a driver/engineer vary from fire department to fire department, but the position entails a certain core of responsibility in most cases.…

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