Telephone Breaks the Sound Barrier in Connecticut

Issue 8 and Volume 112.

Telephone Breaks the Sound Barrier in Connecticut New system overcomes obstacles of community noise level and home insulation to alert volunteers —Photos by Arnold Walter THE FIRE ALARM sound barrier is being broken in Connecticut these days with the use of telephone company facilities. The trend toward more thoroughly insulated homes, the increasing use of storm windows and the ever-blaring television or radio sets have been building up a sonic wall between the volunteer fireman and his firehouse whistle or siren. The Glenbrook Fire Department, which covers a section of Stamford, Conn., has found that more and more the public alarm signals are not getting into the homes of the volunteer firemen. The men are there and eager to respond, but the coded whistle cannot breach the walls of their sound-tight homes. But the installation of a command telephone circuit has changed things. When the Glenbrook dispatcher receives a fire…

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