World-Wide Fire News

Issue 8 and Volume 112.

World-Wide Fire News “Off Limits,” Vancouver Refuses Fireboat Aid The old question of just how far a municipal fire department should furnish fire protection cropped up May 2 in Vancouver, B. C. This time the controversy concerned protection at sea. The charge that “a Vancouver fireboat five miles away refused to give assistance when his ship was swept by an explosion and fire the night before, within sight of land” was made by the captain of the Norwegian freighter Ferngulf. Five crewmen were injured, two critically, as the fire, fed by 700 tons of fuel oil and lumber, raged aboard the 5,300-ton ship for nearly four hours. Vancouver officials are quoted as saying that city fire equipment could not be used to aid the stricken freighter because it was outside the city limits. Vancouver Fire Chief Hugh Bird, who had no alternative but to abide by local regulations which forbid…

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