Annual Reports

Issue 8 and Volume 112.

Annual Reports Charlotte, N. C. — Chief Donald S. Charles recommends the erection of four new fire stations to protect areas to be annexed to the city January 1, 1960, and the enlargement of Fire Station No. 4. Fire alarm facilities will also have to be extended to the 32 square miles of territory to be annexed. Everett, Wash.—Chief Earl Brower reports the purchase of a 100-foot metal aerial ladder truck and other equipment. He recommends, as a major need, a drill area including tower, drafting pit, hydrants and oil burning facilities, in connection with the waterfront station. Milwaukee, Wis. — Chief Edward E. Wischer reports a new fire station completed and occupied and another scheduled for completion and occupancy early this year. A 100-foot aerial ladder truck was put in service as Ladder 18, and a panel truck was outfitted by the department shop and placed in service as…

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