Prepare for Your Promotion Now!

Issue 7 and Volume 160.

BY STEVE PRZIBOROWSKI WHEN SHOULD YOU START STUDYING FOR your next fire service promotional examination? Start now; exam day will be here before you know it! Don’t wait until the last minute and risk doing poorly! You don’t have the time? Nobody has tremendous amounts of extra time on their hands-we’re all busy for a variety of reasons. Learn time management and organizational skills; you’ll need them as a company or chief officer. Each department schedules promotional examinations differently-every other year, every three years, and some every four years or longer. Even if your department holds a promotional exam every year or two, which might not seem like a long time, it can be an eternity depending on your current situation. The Santa Clara County (CA) Fire Department typically holds promotional examinations every 18 months, give or take. However, because of larger than normal failure rates, we exhausted our recent…

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