The Fire Service’s Most Powerful Tool

Issue 7 and Volume 160.

IT USED TO BEFUDDLE ME THAT we are consistently viewed as one of the most significant political forces in our country; however, our own issues seemed to escape our legendary political clout. I saw that we persistently found ourselves justifying and validating almost every aspect of our profession to someone. We are constantly being challenged, whether it is by the home builder folks worried about home fire sprinklers or by bean counters on the Beltway worried that we might bust the federal bank. The need for strong and unified political action is never going to go away. It is a good bet there will always be a need for impassioned calls to action in these editorials. However, this month, my editorial is about you, all of you. This month, I want to reveal the nature of our true power. There are 1.2 million firefighters in the United States. However, that…

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