Remember Your “BRIEFCASE”

Issue 9 and Volume 160.

WHAT DOES RAPID INTERvention team (RIT) mean to you? Does its meaning differ depending on whether you are assigned to the function or working inside, possibly relying on it? Would your perspective of RIT be dramatically different if you had to call a Mayday? It’s ironic that most crews are excited when assigned search and rescue but consider RIT less than appealing. Firefighters willingly search to protect unknown life hazards yet put little effort into protecting lives of their fellow members who are operating in the same hazardous environment. Our fellow firefighters fall victim to unfavorable circumstances every year. It is not a question of if but when. Ignoring the possibility does not reduce or eliminate the possibility. Therefore, when assigned to the RIT, we must take it seriously and prepare ourselves mentally and physically with the appropriate tools to address the worst-case scenario. Since recruit school, it has been…

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