Response to Pipeline Incidents

Issue 11 and Volume 160.

A PLOT WAS RECENTLY UNCOVERED IN NEW YORK City in which explosives would have been used to destroy a pipeline and possibly the fuel storage tanks at John F. Kennedy Airport. At the announcement concerning the arrests of the suspects, the United States Attorney stated it was “one of the most chilling plots imaginable.”1 If this plot had succeeded and was located in your response district, would your department be prepared? Would it cause the mass destruction alluded to in the JFK incident above? Pipelines can be found in most fire departments’ response districts in one form or another and can be large aboveground pipes or smaller pipelines buried beneath the surface. They carry everything from home-heating oil to aviation jet fuel, as was the case in New York, and will differ in size, purpose, complexity, and operating environments. PIPELINE SYSTEMS Gathering lines transport crude oil or natural gas from…

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