Fire EMS

EMS: A Comparison Between Taiwan and the United States

Issue 11 and Volume 160.

TAIWAN IS AN ISLAND OF APPROXIMATELY 36,000 square kilometers (almost twice the size of New Jersey) and 26 million people. The island’s National Fire Administration (NFA), established in 1995, oversees 23 local fire departments; within the NFA, an emergency medical service (EMS) section oversees the EMS operations of local fire departments. In the past, EMS in Taiwan focused on transporting patients to hospitals; providers would only pick up the patients and drive them to a hospital emergency room. The government then passed a law in 1998 that mandated the equipment to be carried in ambulances, which put EMS in Taiwan on the right track. One of the NFA’s three core tasks is EMS. Although Taiwan had some EMS laws before 1995, a systematic and logical EMS system was developed only after the NFA came into existence. Since Taiwan had set up a cabinet-level department to oversee EMS, the government decided…

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