Engine Company

The Other Side of Taxpayers

Issue 11 and Volume 160.

ALL FIREFIGHTERS ARE FAMILIAR with the new taxpayers (or strip malls) found on block after block in every city and small town in America. Many excellent and informative articles have been published covering access to the roll-down doors or scissor gates often found securing main entrances and display windows after business hours. Through-the-lock techniques are highly effective on the commonly encountered narrow stile tubular aluminum doors with mortise locks. In addition, firefighters are aware of the hazards found inside a deep-seated fire in these occupancies when the display windows are vented before the engine company arrives at the seat of the fire with an adequate handline. The entry and hazards on side A are well defined and covered, but what about the taxpayer fortress on side C? With security concerns reaching out of urban centers into the suburbs and even rural communities, all fire departments can face heavy-duty forcible entry…

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