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Are You Prepared to Handle an Ethanol Disaster?

Issue 11 and Volume 160.

IF YOU THINK AN ETHANOL/ alcohol disaster cannot happen in your district, think again. U.S. ethanol production is in excess of six billion gallons per year and growing; ethanol plants are located in more than 20 states. Being corrosive, ethanol cannot be piped to the blending terminals. It must be transported by tank truck, rail car, or barge. The chances are great that your community is responsible for protecting a major highway or railroad on which ethanol is transported or a refinery where ethanol is produced. Now, imagine that a disaster strikes. You need to be prepared to deal with it. SIZE UP THE HAZARD These incidents can easily involve hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel. If, like most departments, you haven’t dealt with a Class B incident in awhile, let me just say that we are talking big water! How big? A good place to start is to…

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