A Close Call Encounter of the Elevator Kind

Issue 12 and Volume 160.

BY MICHAEL A. DRAGONETTI It was a reasonably quiet 24-hour tour of duty for the members of Rescue 1/Group 4 of the Stamford (CT) Fire-Rescue Department on December 31, 2006. The four-member company responded to six unspectacular runs, drilled on some new scuba equipment we had received, enjoyed a great New Year’s Eve meal, and watched the ball drop in Times Square. At approximately 0225 hours, Rescue 1 and Truck 3 were dispatched and responded to a report of an occupied elevator that was stuck between floors at 26 Mill River Street, a hotel and banquet facility. AT THE SCENE On arrival, units encountered several hundred intoxicated people in the lobby area, making operations difficult. We requested police assistance, but the dispatcher responded that response would be delayed; the police were occupied with a situation on the other side of the city. After we grabbed our elevator equipment from the…

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