Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries on the Fireground: Are We Walking on the Problem?

Issue 1 and Volume 161.

BY BRADLEY R. HUBBARD Structural firefighting bunker gear is an essential part of firefighter safety. Often, firefighters think of their bunker gear in terms of thermal protection during fire attack operations. However, bunker gear serves several purposes beyond thermal protection. Bunker boots protect a firefighter’s feet from falling objects and sharp debris on the fire scene. Steel toes and steel sole boots provide puncture and crush protection. Additionally, the contact between bunker boots and the walking surface provides the wearer protection against slip, trip, and fall injuries. When is the last time you checked the tread on your boots? LESSONS FROM OTHER INDUSTRIES Slip, trip, and fall injuries are a significant cause of injury in the food service and construction industries. The food service industry recognizes grease in kitchens and freshly mopped tile floor surfaces as contributing factors to slip, trip, and fall injuries. “Floor slipperiness is a critical issue…

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