In the Spotlight: Preparing for the Media

Issue 3 and Volume 161.

BY THOMAS DUNNE It all happened so quickly. One minute he was sipping coffee in the firehouse kitchen. Moments later, he was crawling in a smoke-filled apartment. The fire was roaring as he led his unit down the long, hot hallway; forced a bolted door; and rescued a small child. The rush of success was still beating through his system as he walked away from the fire-damaged building. Suddenly, his pulse again quickened, and he gulped for air. Just ahead, he could see his next obstacle: a row of bright lights, cameras, and reporters, lined up and anxiously waiting—for him! For many of you, the nature of your work may provide your first opportunity and challenge of appearing before the media as a public figure. Without previous training or experience, you are likely to be initially uncomfortable in this role. As a chief, I learned some basic lessons simply by…

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