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Forcible Entry Super-Sized Size-Up

Issue 3 and Volume 161.

BY SHAWN MILLERICK In today’s world, forcible entry always presents a problem. As time progresses, we will continue to see higher security features in both homes and businesses. Some of the higher security features we see on doors include stronger screws holding the lock in place, magnetic locks, and an increased use of security screen and metal doors. To increase our effectiveness in the field, we must use a systematic approach to forcing doors. We must enter the structure to mitigate the problem, whether it is during an EMS call or a structure fire. Our tactics will be different when responding to a low-level EMS call than to a fire with trapped victims. This article will discuss how to size up most of the single entry doors you will encounter. Your tactics will depend on factors such as the size of your crew, tool availability, and experience. Forcible entry is…

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