Apparatus & Equipment, Fire EMS

The Scene Is Not Safe: Protecting Your Responders

Issue 3 and Volume 161.

BY MIKE McEVOY Every year, dozens of firefighters, EMS providers, and law enforcement officers are struck and killed on our roadways. Hundreds more are injured; many never return to work again. On the very first day of 2008, Maryland Police Corporal Courtney Brooks was struck and killed by a vehicle while placing flares at the scene of a crash on Interstate 95. Consistently, from year to year, traffic fatalities remain the leading cause of police officer line-of-duty deaths. Responders arriving at an emergency scene must know how to use their vehicle as a traffic-control device. The availability of a large, durable, highly mobile barrier, such as a strategically placed piece of fire apparatus, saves lives. Arguments against the presence of America’s fire service at traffic crashes and roadway incidents are not only absurd, they border on suicidal. SAFETY GUIDELINES Very shortly, the United States Fire Administration (USFA) will release Model…

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