Dedicated Company Assignments: Some Q’s and A’s

Issue 4 and Volume 161.

BY PAUL J. URBANO Last month, when discussing dedicated company assignments, we explored some ways adopting this practice can improve overall fire company operations. Since dedicated company assignments can be perceived as restrictive, not to mention a major cultural change for some departments, let’s address some common questions and concerns. Q. How will the personnel in the fire station get training or experience on the other apparatus or companies? A. Being in the same station offers immediate access to the other companies for training and familiarization. This offers more opportunities than if members were assigned to single-company fire stations. If you are assigned to an engine company at a single-company fire station, you can and should participate in multicompany training with neighboring truck and rescue companies. If not already part of your department culture, it’s important to embrace the “every day is a training day” philosophy. Q. What happens when…

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