Tips for Safety and Firefighter Rescue

Issue 4 and Volume 161.

BY STUART GRANT AND LES STEPHENS It never ceases to amaze us how adept firefighters are at finding ways to improve or modify existing ideas, practices, or tools. The examples below illustrate that point very well. Again, these are not our tricks but ideas we have seen or learned from others, which we want to share. Before using any of these suggestions, make sure they are approved by your department’s administration. Run them by your officer or discuss them around the kitchen table. Remember that modifying tools or using them for a purpose for which they were not designed may void the manufacturer’s warranty and could expose you to potential injury. Put notches on door chocks. This is probably the most ingenious thing we have seen yet. It has been around for awhile, but not everyone may have seen it. The late Lt. Andrew Fredericks, Squad 18, Fire Department of…

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