Quick, Quick, Quick, and Quicker

Issue 4 and Volume 161.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI Last month we discussed how critical situation awareness is to effective fireground operations. We also looked at the challenge of establishing and maintaining a mental connection and operational focus, using a tactical color chart to somehow sort out and keep track of all the involved (red), exposed (yellow), and uninvolved (green) people, places, and things that quickly become the basic ingredients that make up incident conditions. We continually and habitually include the word “quickly” when we describe almost any operational action that occurs on the fireground. Virtually all such action, particularly in the beginning of the firefight, is performed in a rapid manner within a very narrow window of opportunity for offensive attack and exposure protection. Simply, fires burn up, and burning buildings fall down quickly. Completing the primary search and achieving initial fire control (knockdown) are typically and appropriately done in an urgent manner. Mrs. Smith…

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