Truck Company

3D Models Help in Truck Manufacturing

Issue 4 and Volume 161.

By Scott Hale Every fire department has different needs. Thus, input from emergency personnel is so important when emergency vehicles are custom built. Each truck must be carefully engineered to carry certain types of equipment, making the manufacturing a difficult and expensive process. At SVI Trucks, engineers found they could be more efficient in meeting customized requirements using 3D virtual models to help them visualize the design and manufacturing process without ever cutting into real metal. By creating 3D virtual models with Autodesk Inventor, SVI can place the most common components into a 3D version of a new truck very easily. Then, as engineers move to the more specific requirements of each order, they can detect and deal with problems during the design phase rather than during assembly. These 3D models also allow customers to view their trucks in infinite cross-sectional slices, enabling them to provide much better feedback on…

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