Using Lightweight Portable Monitors for Quick Knockdowns

Issue 4 and Volume 161.

BY CHRIS MARTIN Our communities are changing—growing and being redeveloped at a rapid pace. As new construction flourishes, firefighters are responsible for looking at the way this affects our preplanning, inspections, emergency medical services, and—most importantly—fire attack. Fire attack in this modern fire environment poses new challenges. As a result of new construction methods and the increased use of synthetic materials, fires now burn hotter and faster; often the first-arriving crews have to play catch-up. It is the engine company’s capability or lack thereof that will set the stage for the outcome of most fires. FIRES IN NEW CONSTRUCTION New construction methods and materials used in our communities contribute to the fire problem’s severity. Not too long ago, our buildings featured unreinforced masonry and heavy timber construction. Today, however, lightweight roof truss construction is standard, metal studs have replaced wood, and synthetics and plastics have replaced natural materials. This increases…

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