Fire Interruption Technology

Issue 5 and Volume 161.

By Joseph E. McCormick Jr. It is no secret that firefighting is a dangerous occupation. Year after year, firefighters across North America are killed or injured while on duty, and statistics show that the majority of these deaths and injuries occur during common structure fires. Today, there is an innovative new firefighting tool specifically designed for first responders to use in structure fires that can greatly decrease the danger to them. ARA Safety believes that many of these injuries and deaths could be prevented, simply by “throwing a FIT.” The FIT (an acronym for Fire Interruption Technology) is a handheld device weighing approximately nine pounds that can knock down fire within seconds, allowing the fire crew to make a safer entry and extinguish what remains of the fire. The FIT-5 is designed for first responders. The device is manually activated by pulling a ripcord near the top of the unit…

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