Advancing a Charged Hoseline

Issue 6 and Volume 161.

BY JIM MASON 1¾-inch and two-inch diameter hoselines are effective in residential firefighting because they flow sufficient water to rapidly control one or two rooms of fire and have the mobility to be easily advanced up stairs and around corners and furniture. Firefighters may encounter a problem when their hoseline must extinguish a first-floor fire before ascending to the second floor to stop any vertical extension. In this situation, there is no opportunity to “stretch dry” to the second floor or stair half-landing because the hoseline has already been charged and operated on the first floor. Advancing a charged hoseline up a stairway and operating it on the second floor usually requires three firefighters at minimum, who may not be immediately available if the first-due engine has a crew of three, including the driver-engineer: One is positioned at the base of the stairs to pull hose and feed it up…

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