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Pump Operator Simulation: The Basics

Simulation by CommandSim and Capt. Douglas Watson, Palm Beach County (FL) Fire Rescue

Many times the only practice a pump operator can get is in the real apparatus and in front of the real pump panel. To help bridge the concepts with practical application, you can use this simulation before you put your personnel in those situations, or to use as a refresher. It provides you with a set of basic skill exercises for your drivers/pump operators. Students who complete all the exercises successfully can print out a certificate of completion. The sequence has been designed following Palm Beach County (FL) Fire Rescue’s protocols, but is sufficiently general to be applicable to a wider audience. The pump panel exercise can be performed using a standard relief valve and throttle or any of five example governors.









The scenario and accompanying materials have been designed by Douglas Watson, Captain, Director of Driver Training, Palm Beach County (FL) Fire Rescue (Florida). The technical development and production was done by CommandSim. All materials may not be copied or distributed without the expressed, written permission of Fire Engineering and the PennWell Corporation, copyright 2008, all rights reserved.