Company Officer Time Management

Issue 7 and Volume 161.

BY PAUL J. URBANO Do you frequently find yourself not being able to finish tasks or assignments on time, wondering where the time has gone, or deferring things until tomorrow because you have simply run out of time? My answers to these questions were a resounding “Yes.” This prompted me to find out why. I know what you’re thinking. Effective time management is virtually impossible in the fire service because we respond to emergencies all day. That may be the case for some but not all of us. Even with slower run volume, it seems that something is always cropping up begging for or demanding our attention. With ever-increasing run volume, training requirements, and nonemergency demands, requests for tasks and assignments continue to increase. Can we really manage time? Or, can we manage how we use our time? Obviously, we must be flexible in our line of work, but let’s…

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