What Makes a Good Company Officer?

Issue 7 and Volume 161.

Two Views The Officer’s Perspective   BY STEVE PRZIBOROWSKI If you have ever wondered what a company officer (CO) really does, are aspiring to become a company officer, or have recently been promoted to company officer, this article is targeted specifically at you. I have met many individuals who thought that they were ready to be a company officer and that they knew what the job entailed. Yet, they seemed surprised when they were told some of the expectations, duties, and responsibilities of the company officer. Some of them, for example, felt particularly intimidated by the company officer’s sudden transition from “one of the guys or gals” to the designated adult in the department. Going from firefighter or engineer to company officer is very tough for many. Although a CO should “not forget where he came from,” he now has different responsibilities. One of these primary duties is to supervise.…

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