Fire Prevention & Protection, Firefighter Training

Hospital Fire Safety: RACE for the Extinguisher and PASS on It!

Issue 7 and Volume 161.

BY TOM KIURSKI Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes are target hazards posing a considerable risk to occupants because of the large numbers and nonambulatory nature of these facilities’ residents and the inability to evacuate the residents vertically in the building. You must not overlook targeting a public fire safety education program toward health care facilities; a facility with a trained staff on hand to extinguish small fires or limit fire spread is well worth the effort. Develop a fire safety program appropriate for those community facilities, and then make the circuit, visiting them all with your program. The basis of your educational program can be built around the acronym RACE. Discuss RACE with the program group, focusing on each letter of the acronym as your four main subjects. Rescue Alarm or Alert Confine Extinguish In an ideal situation, the R (rescue) and the A (alarm or alert) will occur simultaneously.…

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