Firefighting, Leadership

Preparing Future Officers

Issue 7 and Volume 161.

Question: What steps does your department take to prepare future officers? When I was promoted to lieutenant, the city prepared me by handing me a list of books to study. That was it! After I learned, I finished fourth out of about 100. Then, my learning really started. Much of what I am today I owe to my dad, who mentored me as a retired chief of training, and to Lieutenant Ed Boos. Lieutenant Boos was not a favorite of the administration, but he was the best officer I ever worked for. After the lieutenants list was established, he had me do most of the lieutenant’s duties with him. I did the paperwork and the daily roster, filled out the journal, and did all the run reports. I did drills and training reports and also the inspection reports. I did all of them with Lieutenant Boos at my side. He…

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