Engine Company

Street Scenes

Issue 7 and Volume 161.

By Michael N. Ciampo We were having one of those crazy Saturday night tours, the ones so many of us are lucky enough to encounter from time to time. Early in the evening, we were taking in a run for a fire in a self-service laundry, and it sounded good, as the dispatcher informed us he was receiving more calls. It turned out to be only a small lint fire in the vent duct behind the machines. The hardest part was gaining access into the narrow closet-like space behind the machines to extinguish the fire with the “can.” Then we took in a few more runs, and at about 0415 hours we had a van on fire. The cab was well involved on arrival; it took a little while to knock it down and overhaul. At about 0520 hours, most of us were trying to grab a nap. The bells…

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